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Lawrence W. Stinson
Lawrence W. Stinson MD
Eric Severson
Eric Severson PA-C

Who We Are

For nearly twenty years, Advanced Pain Centers of Alaska has been in the business of relieving pain and restoring function to Alaska’s people.

A multidisciplinary approach to treatment is our gold standard when it comes to helping our patients with acute or chronic pain.

Through advanced interventional procedures and partnerships with other healthcare providers, we have helped countless Alaskans achieve the quality of life they deserve. As established leaders in the field, Advanced Pain Centers of Alaska has introduced quality interventional pain services to many areas of the state. Our experience coupled with advanced training and knowledge of the latest research in treating pain, has kept us on the forefront of pain medicine. Our providers have actively shared their expertise and contributed to a healthier Alaska by teaching medical students, lecturing to groups of healthcare providers and serving on state regulatory bodies.

A Few Words
About Us

APCA physicians are board certified and subspecialty trained.

Specializing in acute and chronic pain of the neck, back, spine, and other areas, our physicians use state-of-the-art technologies and treatments to provide the highest quality of care. Our physicians are trained to see each patient as multifaceted systems, using a variety of successful methods to diagnose and treat pain. APCA physicians and healthcare providers are trained to see their patients as multifaceted, whole systems requiring a multidisciplinary viewpoint to diagnose and manage pain. Our team works together to coordinate a treatment plan individually tailored for you.

Our History

Providing previously unavailable medical care to Alaskans with acute or chronic pain.

Since 2000, Advanced Pain Centers of Alaska has been providing previously unavailable medical care to Alaskans with acute or chronic pain. Wanting to use their medical expertise to serve the community, Dr. Lawrence Stinson opened their first clinic at Alaska Regional Hospital. People who had been suffering from chronic pain and other medical conditions began experiencing relief and improvement in their daily functioning. This small office rapidly expanded and eventually relocated to its own building and current home at 1917 Abbott Road in Anchorage, Alaska.

Our Mission

Providing The Best Medical Care Possible.

Advanced Pain Centers of Alaska (APCA) exists to provide the best medical care possible to the people of Alaska. Using the latest knowledge and technology for the treatment of pain, APCA is committed to remaining on the forefront of interventional pain medicine. We continue to be leaders in our field by constantly seeking education and research related to pain treatment, sharing our knowledge through teaching activities, and applying our knowledge in service to our community and state. We will keep growing in our specialty to encompass every possible aspect of pain medicine and make a lasting impact on the health of Alaska’s people.

South Anchorage Surgery Center

South Anchorage Surgery Center (SASC) is a state-of-the-art pain surgical facility where APCA’s physicians perform minimally-invasive pain management procedures.

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